The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 3 March 2014

Korean Greetings

Ahnyunghaseo yuraboon!

Chargenesayo? Chosumnida! It feels so weird to write Korean in  English letters. Anyways, hello everyone! I hope this finds you all well. It looks fairly cold in Red Deer! I haven't worn my winter coat here in a while, it is very warm! 

I feel terrible unprepared to write this letter! I don't recall very well what has happened this week and I haven't taken very many pictures! I'm sorry! The more immersed and focused I become on the work, the less often I tend to think about these things... But I will try to do better, I promise!

We invited our investigators to the temple this week, so after we got out, we showed them around and talked a little bit about the purpose of temples and what happens in them, generally of course. They seemed to really enjoy it! We then went to Ashley's which is a very  nice American buffet, then to a 목굑탕. It was a nice pday! This week, I also went on exchanges with Elder Pruner, our district leader Elder Griffin's companion. Our Korean level is perhaps roughly the same, so that was an adventure. We 전도'd past an American war monument, so we stopped there for a bit and met a really nice man! He expressed his gratitude and love for americans, after which I felt a little awkward admitting that I was Canadian... :P haha. But we got his number for the 연수 elders and set up a time to meet with him.

The past two weeks have been a tad frustrating in terms of finding. Perhaps I shouldn't feel this way, but everytime I call someone or meet someone who is interested in meeting, I have had to refer them! We have refered two investigators to the sisters, two to 연수 and one to 부편. I even called a man from Canada, who has a stellar interest in the gospel, but he lives out of our area now. At first I was very frustrated, but then I realized that all of these people have been found and are now having the chance to hear the gospel. So I am happy! And I will keep working to find people for us to teach as well :)

Anywas, I hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

Here are some pics:

A view from our apartment window.

All Koreans carry umbrellas with them at all times! 

This is about as bad as it got as far as winter weather in Seoul this year.

A typical week in my first area - stats we submit to the mission president every week.

We sleep on mats on the floor (in background) and eat at mini tables low to the ground like this one (although, after my first transfer, our apartment had a real kitchen table ... What a treat!)

Not a bad spread for a bunch of missionary elders!!

Street in Chinatown - in Seoul! :)

A view into the harbour - the East China Sea.

With a member of our ward in my first area in Seoul.

A view from on high!

With my first ward mission leader - he was the best!!

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