The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mountains to Climb

Hello everyone:

To answer your questions: I haven't cashed my money order yet, but I still have it and will try and find a bank in which to cash it as soon as I can. 

We teach English class every Saturday, from 3-4. 

And I am terribly sorry, but I did not get the camera situation fixed yet, I discovered that I left the charger in my last house, so I am waiting for an opportunity to retrieve it from Elder Miller. Seeing that it is Elder 우's last week here, I asked Elder Knapp to take lots of pictures and send them to me, so I will have some soon, hopefully. 

Thank you for getting that blog set up, it looks good! Sorry, I have been very preoccupied lately, with certain things, so I have not had much opportunity to attend to some of the things you mentioned, or send any letters. More people keep popping up on my email, I find it somewhat difficult and stressful to keep up with everyone, so I apologize to anyone if I miss you sometimes.

My companion is indeed very good at Korean and my language skills are improving, I think. We did have transfer calls on Saturday and I am staying with Elder Berry. Since Elder 우 is going home, Elder Knapp is getting a new companion, Elder 박동규, who's sister just moved into our ward three weeks ago! What a coincidence! I was in the MTC with him for a while and he is a great person and I'm sure a great missionary.

I have dedicated a good portion of my personal studies lately to the topic of improving our efforts and dedication in missionary work. I have tried a few different things, but I'm not sure how great an influence I am having in the work. I read a talk this morning by President Eyring entitled "Mountains to Climb," in which I felt a sweet confirmation that God is mindful of my situation and that He will help me. 

Sometimes, I feel the burden that I am carrying is too great for me to bear, with the constant testing of my testimony and the responsibility I feel to uplift and inspire, while trying to accomplish what we are supposed to do here, but I know that I have someone who knows perfectly how to succor me and help me accomplish what I need to do.

I love you all so very much and pray for you everyday.

Hangin' with Elder Hodges at the train station.

With a member of our local ward.

Study area in my new apartment - sweet set-up!

My desk - notice the family Christmas calendar up on the wall ... love it!

Our awesome kitchen - with a regular table!!

We just fold our beds away like this during the day. =)

A view outside our apartment window.
On my mission, I discovered the 11th Commandment!

Who knew that Shrek and The Hulk spoke Korean?!

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