The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Good Afternoon and Happy Easter everyone!

It is Easter right now for you right? I have to admit, I didn't even realize it was Easter yesterday until I went to church and listened to the talks! :P It was quite the happy surprise! So Happy Easter!

Alright, first things first. Since nobody asked me any questions this week, I have some for you. I'm sorry that they aren't missionary related, but I am just so curious! I see posters and ads for american movies sometimes, so I was wondering if you have seen any of the following: Noah, Son of God, Transcendence, and Captain America. I am a little skeptical about Son of God, so I wanted to hear what it is all about. And how is Noah, if you have seen it? Sorry, that was my non-missionary time for the week :)

Let's see, for p-day last week, we decided to do some sightseeing, since we basically have a tour guide in elder . We went to 여의도 park and saw the 한 (Han) river again. It is quite the sight indeed! It is an enormous river. Perhaps the other elders will send me some more pictures this week, as I had them take some of me. :P

Elder Berry and I had a fairly neat experience this week. One of our church members is going to China this week for a business trip and wanted us to give him some Chinese Book of Mormons (Books of Mormon? ... I will never get that right!). We went to his house to drop them off, but he wasn't home, so we started talking to his neighbor who was outside. Midway through our conversation, our member called us and told us he was at a restaurant down the street, so we left to meet him, during which we mentioned talking to his neighbor briefly ... at which point this member told us to go back and talk to him again.

We caught his neighbor just as he was climbing the stairs to his house and started a fairly awkward conversation from the street below. We found out that he and his wife had been to Utah and knew a little about our church. After he turned down our offer to tell him a little more about our church in his home, and after reluctantly giving us his number, he resumed climbing his stairs as we turned to leave. Just as we were about to turn the corner, however, we heard him call out to us, inviting us to come into his house after all. He is a very nice man and I have high hopes for him!

I will include one more experience this week. One of our other ward member's father passed away this week. We had the opportunity to attend the funeral and actually were called to be the pallbearers, as it is Korean custom to have family members refrain from carrying the casket. Seeing as this ward member is the only member of our church in his family, we had a split funeral, both our church and another church holding separate ceremonies. 

It was interesting to note the different reactions in the family members. Our ward member exuded a wonderful spirit of peace and calmness in his grieving, while several other family members were uncontrollably hysterical. Even though that church does teach the basic principles of resurrection and life after death, they do not have the same fullness of the gospel including the eternal nature of families, temple covenants, and ongoing revelation, principles which, when understood correctly, bring such peace and comfort in times of distress. I was able to witness that this week. What a blessing it is to have that knowledge and witness of the fullness of the gospel.

Dad, I really appreciate what you shared about the Preach My Gospel manual. Your studies are in fact quite closely related to mine and seem to have similar results! I was touched by the way you applied what you're learning, as it is precisely the same thing I'm trying to do, within the same topic as well. Thanks Dad!

I will look at my camera this week and get you the model number for next week's email.

Love you all!


p.s. I'm learning well the principles of follow up on my mission, so ... David & Jacob: How did seminary go this week? Did you have it this week? Perhaps you were on spring break? I can't remember. 

And Brenna: how is your little assignment going? It is very important to me, so I would really appreciate if you emailed me some time to let me know how it is going! :) Thanks everyone and have a great week!

Here's a few pics ... will get more for you next week. :P

Standing in front of the Han River ... It is massive!!

In front of the South Korean Parliament building in Seoul.

Okay, kind of embarrassing, but I'm trying to fit in with Korean culture as best I can! It's some sort of volcano ash mumbo-jumbo that elder  (who lives in our apartment of four elders) puts on his face every night. I tried it once for the cultural experience!! :P

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