The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 14 April 2014

Small Miracles

Hello all, 

Conference was so good!! Before I talk about that though, I will mention some other things. In answer to your questions mom:

1. My being able to Skype relies completely on ward members being willing to give us a computer to use and seeing as we are not supposed to ask to use their computers, it is unlikely that it will happen, but we'll see.

2. I have looked around a few places, but still have not been able to find a charging cable for my camera, so I am having my housemates send me some pictures this week. I will keep looking.

Let's see, nothing too exciting happened this week, other than Conference and President interviews, which were two big events, I suppose! :P Interviews with President Morrise were a great experience - he has such a wonderful spirit and demonstrates such love and concern towards each of his missionaries. Indeed, it was a great strength.

I forgot to mention an experience I had last week, however, and only remember now because of another related one. After reading a talk by President Eyring in personal study one day, in which he talked about having a vile of oil with him all the time, I decided to start carrying around my vile of oil everywhere I went. That very day, a member asked us if we had any oil, because he needed to go give someone a blessing quickly, and I was able to lend him mine. Then later that week, Elder Berry and I had the opportunity to give a child in our ward a blessing during Conference, using the oil that I had prepared. Small miracles, but still significant enough to recognize and be thankful for.

What have you learned in Preach My Gospel lately? I trust that all of you are reading it, now that Elder Ballard asked us to during his conference talk! I look forward to hearing all about what you have learned. Recently, I have been studying Christlike attributes, most particularly patience. I have discovered that most of my learning while I study PMG does not come from PMG itself, but rather from the scripture references that I study and the praying and pondering that follows.

To reiterate my previous statement: General Conference was so good! I finally experienced this week what I have so frequently heard others remark about Conference: the feeling that the talks were directed personally to them. I was almost overwhelmed with excitement when they announced Jeffrey R. Holland would be speaking first! How I love listening to and reading his talks. I enjoyed this one thouroughly as well. Most particularly, I appreciated his quote regarding the price of discipleship: "Sometimes, we are called to worry, warn and simply weep." Indeed, that is the price of discipleship! I'm not sure why this touched me so profoundly; perhaps simply out of a realization that the Lord is perfectly aware of the situations that we are sometimes called to be in, and that as a result, knows perfectly how to succor us.

I also found President Uchtdorf's remarks about being tempted to fly Airforce One and having President Monson set him straight quite entertaining. :)

My very favorite talk, however, was given by Elder Bednar, about loads to bear. I found his comments about our loads providing traction in our lives pertinent and inspiring. Specifically, I enjoyed one quote: "Happiness is not the absence of a load." This is so true! There is so much joy and satisfaction that comes from relying on the Lord during our trials and from noticing the progress that we make as a result.

Above all, my testimony that President Thomas S. Monson is God's chosen prophet was again solidified throughout this Conference. I love the scripture that says something along the lines of "by their fruits ye may know them." No one that properly observes the fruits of President Monson's lifelong service can disregard the legitimacy of his prophetic mantle. What a beacon for us in the perilous adversities that are so common to human existance.

Anyways, I love you all and I pray for you everyday!

Love, Dallin

Here are some interesting pics ... spring is beautiful in Korea!

Walking along a path lined with cherry trees in blossom - spectacular!

My second area, Incheon (a suburb of Seoul, where the international airport is), is less concrete and more green space, trees and flowers. So lovely.


This is me doing a photo-bomb! Sorry Elder. :) 

Also a typical Aisan tree ... don't know exactly what it is.

Beautiful little waterfall in the park we were walking through.

Seems like you've left Seoul, but this is my new area Incheon, which has a lot more "countryside" green space than the concrete jungle of Seoul where green space is at a premium. I like the two elderly ladies in their stylish walking hats!

Interesting shot ...  at first glance looks like the moon, but it's actually the sun.

A local Arboretum we visited.
Inside the Arboretum feels like a tropical jungle!

Remember the fire I wrote about last week? This was taken from far away .. smoke was intense!


Traffic is crazy here in Seoul - all the time.

This man has the most remarkable story ... he's a member of our church here in Incheon who flies kites for a living! He treated us to a lovely lunch cause he has a "tab" at this restaurant. He's originally from North Korea and somehow managed to escape, but his parents are still in N. Korea. 
Sad story ... he doesn't even know if they're even still alive.

Good ole Mickey Ds! ... these are very popular motor bikes they deliver fast food to your door with ... you don't even have to get into your car or our of your home, cause Mickey Ds will come to you!

This one's for you Dallin!! Ben's been on such a "bobcat" kick lately ... everything is bobcat this or bobcat that! Thought you would enjoy it. We love you! xoxoxo
Remember this little angel? Where have the years gone Dallin?! We're proud of you son and pray for your well-being and happiness constantly ... Have a great week! =)

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