The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Tender Mercies

Hello hello!

First things first, I have to admit that I totally forgot we were calling home next week, because no one has mentioned anything in the mission. Thankfully, my companion already arranged to use a member's computer for skype. possibly. So we will maybe try on sunday from 2-5ish our time? (that would be very late your time, but it is right after church, so it might be the earliest time we could do it) I still have no idea, because no one has said anything about it! :P

Anyways, I did hear about the boat accident. In fact, I don't stop hearing about the boat accident. I do feel terrible for what happened, it was a terrible tragedy. In fact, the other elders in my last area had an investigator that lost a friend in the accident. However, the negligent boat captain of course was a member of one of the big crazy churches in Korea, one which teaches its members to not feel guilty about anything; so apparently he was interviewed and told everyone that he doesn't feel bad at all for what he did. Needless to say, this did not help the general Korean population's distaste for religion. I have had too many people get mad at me on the street for what happened in that accident to count! So work the last little while has been a bit slow... :P

On a more positive note, I am quite happy to be in 부평 with elder DeMille. It is a wonderful area and a wonderful ward! I was very nervous to be senior companion, so coming into the transfer I made a few goals, most notably of which was to get as close to the members as quickly as I can. So, I started a daily English message that I send to members and potential investigators, in which I mention an English expression and translate into Korean. The members really love it! We also have member books here, with names and pictures of all the members, so I memorized all of the ward members names before Sunday (we only have around 40 members, so it wasn't too difficult). They seemed to be impressed with that as well.

I was terribly nervous for Sunday, as it would be my first opportunity to make a good impression on the members. Despite my anxiety, I simply went out of my comfort zone and talked to as many members as I could, being as friendly as I could with them. The results were quite miraculous. I truly felt God's help as I persisted in my goal; I found I could understand most everything that people were saying to me and words seemed to flow so much easier out of my mouth. We had several members text us afterward, telling us they were excited to work with us and that they were praying for us. It really is marvelous what God is willing to do for you if you put some effort to serving Him.

I am still waiting to hear what everyone is learning in Preach My Gospel :) Recently, Elder DeMille and I have learned again of the importance of asking good questions, reading in chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel. We did a role play in which we taught each other principles by only asking questions! It was a bit difficult at first, but it really helped us realize the power asking questions can have on an investigator's understanding and acceptance of our message.

Anyways, love you all, talk to you next week!

p.s. Here are a few pics my comp emailed me this week ... I'm picking up my charger tomorrow so I can start taking my own pics again! (mom will be happy to hear this I'm sure!!) ha ha.

Kinda like the look of these black and white pics.

These little stone block bridges are popular and common here in Seoul - they're interesting and attractive.

Nice backdrop for a picture ... beautiful park!

My comp and I are making kimbab - traditional Korean food - love it!

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