The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 2 June 2014

Understanding the Spirit

Hello hello!
David, you look like a handsome, wealthy business man. Congratulations on getting through the easiest part of your life! ;) I hope all of your exams go well, that goes for everyone else as well!
I am emailing a little bit early so that elder DeMille and I can attend a brunch put on by the president and his wife, to recognize progress in the new teacher training program. Elder DeMille passed off the first pamphlet, so we are going to celebrate his success by feasting on american food!  :)
This week, a greater portion of my studies was devoted to better recognizing and understanding the spirit, as dad is studying in his PMG study. As a result, I had some valuable encounters with the spirit this week; some were clear and strong, others were soft and easily unnoticeable, without proper attention.
The first came Sunday, as we both felt impressed to set some goals for street contacts that were a little higher than usual. We were excited to see what the next day had in store for us, however we found that afternoon that no one seemed to want to talk to us (even more so than usual). It was strange, because we don't normally have such a hard time getting at least some people to talk to us, but today it seemed no one wanted anything to do with us. In the evening at around 7, we had not talked to a single interested person all day! Then, as we were walking past a certain street, I felt that I should stop, go back and cross.
I remember distinctly standing there, a little frustrated, wondering if this was from the spirit, or if it was simply a thought that I had. I have had some powerful feelings that I have been able to easily recognize as the spirit, but often it is hard to distiguish little impressions that come. Nevertheless, we crossed and immediately talked to a man with a little family who had, it seemed, great interest. We got his number, then immediately were approached by another man, who wanted to meet with us. It was wonderful to see the Lord confirm in such a visible way that He was guiding me.
The second experience came as we were riding the subway to a zone activity. I felt like I should talk to a man on the other side of the subway, but he looked kind of intimidating and I was already next to another man whom I had intended to talk with, so I started talking to him instead. After getting prompltly rejected, I went and talked to the man on the other side of the subway. As it turns out, he was baptized into our church 34 years ago and has since lost contact with the missionaries and with the church. He expressed his desire to meet with missionaries again and to come to English class, then gave us his number, which we gave to the elders in his area. It was a sweet experience.
Finally, I felt very distincly that I should invite a certain ward member to teach our investigator 김대남 (Kim Day Nam) with us the next day. I was a little hesitant to have 김대님's first member lesson be the word of wisdom, as I feared that would put more pressure on him, but it was a wonderful lesson. We discovered that this member, 박경수 (Pak Young Su), quit smoking before he was baptized, therefore he was a very useful source of insight as we made a plan for our investigator to quit smoking - specifically, we introduced the idea that perhaps he could cut down a few cigarettes every week, but our member stopped us and said respectfully that the best way would be to try to quit altogether. I was nervous to see our investigator's reaction to this, but, to my surprise, he agreed and said that would be the best way.
Looking back, it was critical that we had 박경수 teach with us, as he provided not only a more effective method of combating smoking, but also testified of the blessings that come both as you first try to keep, and then live the word of wisdom.
We also had the wonderful experience of listening to Elder Quentin L. Cook and his wife on Saturday. They both gave great talks. Similar to my experience seeing Elder Oaks in the MTC, there was a sweet and powerful spirit that filled the room as Elder Cook entered. I know he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. One thing he said stood out to me, and I will try to implement it more effectively in my life this week: he mentioned four aspects of love we need to have to be successful misisonaries: love for the people you serve, love for your companion, love for your mission president and love for the Lord. He talked about his experiences with God's inspiration in assigning people to different missions and testified that we are indeed exactly where we need to be at this time. I know this to be true.
That is everything for now! I still have not received your package, but we are going to the office today, so I will let you know if we get it!
Love you lots,
p.s. Just a few picts this week ... more coming next. Have a great week! 
This week we visited the garden I helped plant in my last area, and it looks great!!

Bird-watching sanctuary.

Bird-watching huts we explored.

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