The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Patient Discovery

Hello all:

Before I forget, I will mention one thing I noticed about Korean culture this week. Seeing as there is a very concentrated amount of people and consequently cars in a relatively small area, people do not use parking breaks when they park their cars. Therefore, if someone is blocked by a car parked in front of them, they simply get out and push the car out of the way. It is quite the sight!

I hope you are all doing well! I forgot to mention in last week's email a baptismal date that we have with one of our investigators, 이희용. He is about 50 years old and is currently in Hawaii now, but is only staying there for five days with his wife. The date we set with him is September 28. He accepts all of what we say very well, yet he still has a lot of progress to make before he gets baptized. I suppose he simply needs to start applying our teachings more personally, as well as gain a proper understanding of what precisely is entailed in the covenant of baptism. I believe he can be ready for the date we set, if he does his part, however. We had an interesting experience with his this past week; after accepting the invitation to pray at the end of our lesson, he knelt down to pray with us, then began an 8 minute chant, shouting repeatedly 아버지, which means Father and Hallelluya (how do you spell that?). Needless to say, we had another simple disscussion about prayer immediately after.

I will also mention some small miracles I saw this week. This week, we had the opportunity to attend the temple, which moved our pday from monday to thursday. When monday rolled around, I opened the fridge to discover that aside from a few eggs and some toast, I had no food! Seeing as it was not pday, we did not set aside any time to buy groceries, yet I contemplated the notion of quickly buying some things to last until thursday. We scheduled some tracting time in the evening, and after weighing my options, I decided to forego shopping and follow our scheduled plan instead. Not five minutes later, we got a call from our relief society president urging us to come to her house so that she could give us some food that she had just bought for us! I was reminded of a scripture I read earlier in the week, that if we seek first the kingdom of the Lord, He will add unto us what we lack (I can't remember the English version; sorry if that is not a proper translation). Regardless, that scripture is true!

I also saw another small miracle this week, this time directly in response to patience. Ever since his coming to Korea, my companion has been struggling a little to accept the concept of a lesson plan, or simply teaching lessons the way that Preach My Gospel outlines them. Yet, instead of telling him what truly works, I simply have patiently let him discover many things for himself. This week, during a companionship study, we were role playing the first lesson in English and after a few struggles to teach smoothly, my companion observed aloud the value that lesson plans perhaps might have. It was a small miracle, yet I am sure that he will learn much more quickly as he discovers things for himself, rather than me telling him what works, therefore I am grateful for the inspiration and assistance I have received to be patient.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that we received transfer calls this week! Elder Anderson and I will be staying and I will be serving as district leader. The idea of having to give trainings slightly intimidates me, but I have full confidence that I will receive whatever guidance that is needed. I alos just got finished with another week of Korean, which was a lot easier this time, in comparison with my first attempt! I have learned to communicate quite effectively through the use of hand gestures-yet elder Anderson is progressing quite quickly in Korean! He was very patient this week.

Before I close, I will mention one last miracle that I saw this week. When I first came to Bupyeoug, the concept of Ward Council and Missionary Coordination Meeting seemed a very distant fantasy and was certainly not on the agenda of any member in the ward. However, after several weeks of softly pushing for these meetings, we finally had a missionary coordination meeting this week! It went very well and we were able to discuss many things that we have not as of yet been able to disscuss with our ward mission leader. He is a very wonderful man, yet, as with many korean men, is very busy. We are still working on ward council, but I am indeed grateful for the meeting that we had this week.
Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Dallin

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