The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Subtle Promptings

Hello Hello!

First of all, those pictures Jacob sent me are magnificent! Perhaps even a little dangerous to my focus on missionary work. I'm not trunky, I promise! I'm not trunky. I'm not trunky... :) Seeing real mountains again is quite nice! They have hills that they call mountains here, but anyone can easily see through that trickery. I'm glad to hear that you had a fun time!

I suppose I will start with an experience we had this past Saturday evening. We ventured to the church at 7 to attend an appointment with one of our fairly new investigators (a man who has interest in the English program, but barely knows the alphabet. Teaching English at that level really tests one's Korean speaking ability, to say the least!). Shortly prior to the scheduled time we had set to meet, he called to inform us that he suddenly got busy with another appointment, and therefore could not meet. Slightly disappointed, we yet eagerly departed to proselyte, according to our back-up plan. 

While we were talking to people on he streets, we got a little bit lost, but seeing as I knew the general area we were in, I was not particularly concerned. Suddenly, I got a very subtle prompting, which urged me to visit a certain less active we had previously tried, unsuccessfully, to meet. Within 30 seconds from the moment I embraced the determination to visit him, we found our way, which coincidentally also happened to be right on the way to the less active member's house. As we walked, I felt a indescribable conviction that the man whom we were intending to visit would be home, therefore I called the sister missionaries who are serving with us in 부평 and told them that they needed to come with us to see the rest of his family (other than the father, the family is composed entirely of women).

We made a bit of a detour to meet them and show them where the family lived, but we arrived with no difficulty and met the family for the first time. The visit was pleasant and ended with the father asking us to come more often. (I threw my companion under the bus a little as we were scrambling to think of a message to share, and told the family that my companion wanted to practice teaching, since he is new, but he did well!) I am indeed deeply thankful for that experience and for the way I am learning to recognize the subtle promptings of the spirit. 

I am relying on this newly developing skill of recognizing promptings of the spirit to train as well. Chiefly, I have come to the realization that my companion will learn more effectively trying things out on his own, as opposed to me simply telling him how to most effectively perform missionary work, given his scholarly disposition, which naturally questions every new concept it encounters. For example, he was a bit surprised when he first came to Korea, at the amount of sheer rejection that we encounter and is convinced that there must be a certain key dialogue that will open the hearts of those people we talk to. Instead of forcing him to come to the conclusion that we find through the spirit, after all our personal efforts, I simply tell him what I know, demonstrate it as best I can and let him work on his own "perfect script," participating actively and patiently. I hope that this will help him to learn dependence on the spirit, rather than personal talent and knowledge.

Finally, as I was updating my lesson plan for lesson 1 in Preach My Gospel this past week, I made a very useful discovery. Specifically, as I was studying how to better ask effective questions, I realized that most every question can be easily adjusted to conform to the three major types of questions that are useful in teaching: questions for understanding, questions that insight reflection and questions for application. For example the question for understanding "What is prayer" can be adjusted to "Why is prayer important," to become a question to insight reflection and can be changed even further to become a question for application: "How has prayer blessed your life/How do you think prayer can bless your life." I have been using this technique as I teach and it has been very useful!

Anyways, I am running out of time, so I will go! Thanks for the pictures and the emails!

Love you all, Dallin

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