The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Productive and Pleasant

Hello, Hello!

Long live the Cirrus! Congratulations on getting it all fixed up! Here's hoping it will survive yet another teen-aged driver! :)

Thank you for your emails, they were well appreciated. I have one question I thought of while I was reading mom's email about the Book of Mormon. Have you heard about the Book of Mormon movie they are making, with an 80,000,000 dollar budget? Both Elder DeMille and Elder Anderson heard about it from their different sources; apparently it is not being made by the church, but by a member, who is pulling a lot of strings with a lot of different people (the people who designed the costumes in Lord of the Rings, to name one). I don't know much about it and was simply wondering if you knew!

Anyways, this week was thoroughly productive and pleasant. I find such great strength when I strive to forget myself, along with my insecurities, fears and selfish desires, and instead devote all my attention to serving others. We met a new investigator this week, a diligent member of our English class, who wanted to start our 30/30 English program. His name is 김상휘 (Kim, Sang Hwi). He attended high school in China and Elder Anderson studied chinese for a few years in college, so they hit it off quite well! He has a strong Christian background, yet despite his daily effort to pray, he, as of yet, has not felt to have received any answers to his prayers. Hopefully, we can fix that!

We also meet every tuesday with a young man in our ward named 이동규 (Lee, Dong Gyu), who also happens to be our ward mission leaders son. He is 15 years old Korean age (14 Canadian). When Elder DeMille and I first started to meet him about three weeks ago, we struggled to get him to focus on anything gospel related - we tried playing several games with him and tying in principles from the lessons, but to seemingly no avail. Last week, however, he improved miraculously and even had all of the principles from the first lesson memorized! He is a great joy to work with and I am very pleased with the improvement he is making. I promised to buy him ice cream this week if he could teach us the whole first lesson, so we'll see how it goes!

I have also decided to start writing in cursive. I'm not exactly sure what stimulated this decision, but I have been doing it regardless and have found it to be a very valuable experience. It is quite difficult to find the discipline to write everything in cursive, as I am very slow at this point, but I have noticed my self-discipline gradually improve in other small areas of my life, as I have made a resolute effort to write only in cursive. It also looks much more professional, so hopefully I can gain some proficiency in this style of writing!

Finally, I was reading Chapter 7 in Preach My Gospel this week, as I am looking to improve my language study plan again. I don't recall precisely at which point in the chapter I made the following discovery, but I realized profoundly how truly grateful I am for the principle of time management that I have learned on my mission. Looking back to my time spent before my mission, I have realized that I can spend time so much better! This mission experience has been such a blessing in so many ways.

I hope you all have a great week, and say hello to Aunt Isabel, Sophia and Mackenzie for me, when they come on Friday! And say goodbye to Grandma for me, when she leaves on Wednesday! (This probably sounds silly, seeing as I am thousands of miles away, but I love her!)

Love you! :)

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