The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sushi Saga

Hello again!

So, I am not going to talk about the fact that I have been out a year already, save to tell you that I have not received your package yet, but I am sure it will come soon! We go to the temple this week, so perhaps it will be there. Time goes too fast!!

I will supplement my weekly Korean culture fact for an interesting experience I had this week. To preface this story: Elder Anderson visited some more members this week, as part of our goal (to visit a member, or at least have some contact with a member everyday), which miraculously resulted in a referral from one of our young men! We planned to eat sushi together with him and his friend on Saturday, but his friend had another commitment come up, so he could not make it.

We told our young man that we would take him out for sushi instead, where we got closer with him and had the chance to talk a little bit about his friend as well. Then came the time to pay for the bill, which despite the sign in front, indicating a much cheaper price, the total for three people came to $60 dollars!! Thankfully, I had a little extra money saved up for emergencies! :P I did not realize sushi was so expensive! Its not even incredibly tasty! Perhaps my view of Japan is a little biased being in Korea, but I don't think I will ever eat sushi again... It was a good experience though! :)

This week, I conducted my first district meeting. Upon reflection of some of the recent trainings President Morrise has given, I set a theme for our district this transfer of lifelong learning, specifically in the areas of Korean learning, and the development of humility and patience. So, to begin every district meeting, we each share a Korean word/expression/grammar form that we have found to be useful recently, a tip on Korean culture, or report on individual progress in the attributes of humility and patience, all on a rotational basis. I will admit, I was a little nervous at first to give a training, but I was blessed to be supported by the spirit and presented the material much more clearly and more organized than I normally am capable of doing.

I will talk a little bit about our investigator, 이희용 (ee hee yong). As I previously mentioned, he has a baptismal date on the 28. One of my great fears, however, is to baptize someone who is not prepared to make the covenant of baptism, and as Elder Anderson and I were talking about him today in companionship study, we feel that perhaps he might not be ready. We are going to fast tomorrow, striving to discover whether we should postpone his baptismal date, or whether we should push for the 28th.

He is accepting everything very well; we flew through the two big committments that normally prove to be an obstacle for most investigators, namely the law of chastity and the word of wisdom; yet we have not been able to notice any change of sign of true conversion in his disposition, as of yet. Perhaps this stems from a lack of understanding; this past Sunday, for example, we were in our gospel principles class, where he was asked if he knew what the plan of salvation was, to which he responded he did not, despite our having already taught him the entire lesson... He does understand things a little bit more slower than most, which also makes Book of Mormon reading a little bit of a challenge. I have no doubt that he can get to baptism, but perhaps we simply need a little bit more time, to make sure that he understands the extent of the implications associated with baptism.

I was quite dismayed to hear of the death of M. Malenfant. I have learned many things on my mission, several of which I feel to have lacked in High School. Ever since being in his social studies class, I have regretted the pride that I was plagued with, resulting in my frustration with him in the way that he marked exams, as I deemed it to be against my style of learning. He was, in fact, a wonderful teacher and a good man and had a tremendous impact on the french program at Lindsay Thurber, as well as the French exchange program, which he executed impressively well! He will be missed by many, including me.

I hope you all have a great week, love you all very much!

I can't wait for General Conference next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Dallin

From the mission talent show

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