The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 1 September 2014

Exact Obedience

Hello all:

I'm sorry this is a tad late, we decided to clean the apartment quickly before we left this week, as opposed to after. Thank you for your emails, I enjoyed reading them! I especially appreciated dad's words of advice and mom it was additionally interesting to hear about your experience at a korean bbq. Do you remember what you ate??

This week, I would like to report on the smells of Korea! As I was endeavoring to notice some things that are different about Korea on the street one day, I suddenly came across a very terrible smell; then two seconds later, it vanished. I think it must have something to do with the humidity, and the food trash but there are some terrible, concentrated smells here that you pass by suddenly and that vanish just as quickly!

During personal study every Monday morning, I review some of the experiences I have had the previous week, as well as some of the things I have studied. I have discovered this simple practice to be quite the enjoyable and spiritual experience, and helps me notice some of the miracles that I quickly tend to forget.

This week, for example, while we were proselyting, I received a subtle prompting to walk down a certain street. I followed the inclination and moments later talked to an atheist man, who gave the multitude of churches as the main reason for his lack of belief in God. Following another subtle prompting, I began to compare his experience with the experience of Joseph Smith, who too felt overwhelmed in a sea of diverse opinion. After that man expressed his interest to meet again, we talked to another man on the same street, who said he felt warm as we were talking to him. We got his number as well. I am truly pleased and grateful for the privilege I have to be serving the Lord and for the situations as those, in which He uses me as an instrument in bringing this great joy to others.

This week, I finished my lesson plans for the 5th lesson. As I was studying the principle of Eternal Marriage, I stumbled upon a verse in the Book of Mormon that impressed me. Alma 57:21 talks of the stripling warriors being taught of their mothers to be exactly obedient. Reading that verse, my mind was summoned to another quote I heard in the MTC. It is as follows: "obedience brings blessings; exact obedience brings miracles."

Perhaps the greatest morsel of wisdom I have gained thus far in my mission experience is the eternal truth that exact obedience (which of necessity is predicated on faith) brings miracles. Often, particularly at the beginning of my mission, I would set aside some principles I considered to be of less importance in Preach My Gospel, favoring instead my personal opinion and knowledge. Despite what logic dictated at the time, I was always wrong! The miracles I have seen on my mission thus far, almost without exception, have been the direct result of my striving to perform missionary work as closely to Preach My Gospel standards as I possibly could.

Before I close, I would like to thank you for the packages that you sent me! I just finished my jar of peanut butter and started trying to read the ensign that you sent me! (I got it last week). It is so nice to get packages and letters from you and I feel so grateful every time you do! With regards to a Christmas package, since you asked, my heart's second most profound desire is to eat more Nutella and peanut butter! My trainer also used to have his family send him brownie mixes, which we thoroughly enjoyed. My heart's most profound desire, however, is to read letters from all of you! I don't care much for the food, but I do quite enjoy getting letters from you :)

Love you all so much!

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