The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 27 October 2014

Another Great Week!


Another great week for us here in Incheon again! I still seemed to have very little time to write in my journal, so this email will be somewhat in a journal format, to preserve some of the experiences we had this week. (I made an evening schedule last night that I will be following, and I have set a goal to write in my journal everyday again, so it won't be a problem anymore, I promise!)

I will begin with the culmination of the week. Yesterday evening, we went out to proselyte, having already far surpassed our goals for lessons and conversations, yet still short on our weekly goal of new investigators. About a half hour out, it started to sprinkle a little bit, so fearing that our suits would get ruined, we promptly started to return home, where we had planned to make calls. However, right before we getting home, the rain completely stopped, so we decided to walk past our house and keep working outside, where we met our new investigator, in the last hour of the day! His name, in romanized Korean is Kim sung chan. He seems to have a lot of interest and was very excited to meet us. 

Monday, we decided to use the church computers, as opposed to the PC방 that we normally go to, in an effort to better maintain the spirit. After emailing, we met our bishop, who was cleaning the church, so we had the opportunity we have been struggling to get, of serving him as we cleaned the church with him. There, we also had the opportunity to talk to him about some home teaching that we were hoping to arrange for our recent converts and some less actives that we had planned to visit. This resulted in our being invited to ward council this past Sunday, where we were able to discuss some of these concerns with the ward. They are awesome!

Tuesday evening, we had an interesting experience: we strayed a little from our daily plan in order to print off some records for another missionary team, which honestly could have been scheduled during daily planning the next day. This resulted in us not reaching the place we had previously scheduled to go to work, which consequently, had both Elder Nemelka and I feeling like something was wrong. We could not explain that feeling until we came home and realized that we had not follow our plan for the day, but instead put convenience as a higher priority than the work. 

Wednesday, we felt we needed to go back to the place we had designed to go the previous day to proselyte. This time, we were distracted by some legitimate and unexpected events, so we again contemplated going somewhere closer to to home to work as we were running out of time. Nevertheless, fully aware that we would only have time enough to walk there and back, we decided to go ahead. At the park where we decided to go, we saw the car parked of one of the less active, recent convert's in our ward, so we called to him. Despite the fact that he had been ignoring our previous phone calls, he answered this time and then actually showed up to church this past Sunday! He was in that area all week for an art gallery he was holding, so it was nice to know that God knew our weaknesses and provided us another day to find him!

Thursday we got to go the temple and saw the new video! It is incredible!!

Saturday, we felt that we should visit less actives in a certain area, despite our lack of data cell phones, which makes finding addresses nearly impossible. We struggled for two hours to find these houses, with very little success. I was tempted several times to abandon our endeavor in favour of proselyting, as our efforts seemed entirely fruitless. We continued, however, and a few moments later, we found a man who had lived in Orlando for 20 years and who had a surprising amount of questions about religion that he could never find the answer to on his own. We scheduled an appointment with him next week and are excited to teach him!

Also, on Saturday, I met a kid at English class, who speaks English fluently, with no accent, at the age of 10 ... which is really difficult for a native Korean. Want to know his secret? His dad made him watch English movies and television from the time he was little. THAT'S IT! He literally just sat in front of a TV for hours until he became fluent in English. His dad speaks very little English and the boy has never been to an English academy to learn English. I was astounded that he could become so fluent (with no accent) by that means. Thought you might enjoy this story, as I found it quite interesting.

I love you all, hope you have a great week!

Elder Higham

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