The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Transfer Updates


I trust all of you are doing well. I suppose I should first report on transfer news! My companion became the new assistant and I am staying in 답동 with Elder Lee as my new companion. Elder Lee was in my district in the MTC, so I already know him quite well! He studied Korean at Stanford for a year before he came out, so his Korean is quite impressive. He is a thoughtful, reserved and mature missionary and I am very excited to learn from him as his companion. A major focus of self improvement recently has been discipline; discipline has always been a trait I have admired of his, so I am excited to learn from him! He is leaving 금천, where he has been for almost a year! 

We are also getting two more Elders in our ward, an Elder Hale, who is coming from my first area, 개봉, and who will be training. Thus, ends my time in a two man house, likely for the rest of my mission! I have been in a two man house for 5 transfers now, which has been beneficial in helping me to learn how to focus more entirely on missionary work. Four man houses are lots of fun, but they can be distracting at times, as I experienced a few transfers ago in 개봉 and 만수. But, Elder Hale has a very respected reputation in the mission for being a focused and hard working missionary. He accomplished veritable miracles in 개봉, where he trained two missionaries previously. I feel as though he should be zone leader instead of me! I suppose President wants to spread his goodness to as many new missionaries as he can. Wise man! I am very excited to learn from him. 

Since Elder Nemelka was becoming the new assistant, he was picked up yesterday by the office elders. Consequently, I had to find someone to be my companion, and therefore, I am now serving with Elders Green and Newbold until Wednesday. Planning has been interesting so far, as we have had to coordinate our previously arranged schedules in two different areas! It is fun. I am living in their house right now, with elders 문호빈 and 권대원, which has been a blast so far! I love living with Korean elders... they are so much fun! I did have to do stats last night by myself, as my companion went to the office, which took a little longer than usual, but being in this house is fun! Though my time to serve with Elder Nemelka was short, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot from him. I am confident he will assume well his new responsibilities in the office.

I am running out of things to talk about in email. Is there anything you would like to hear! I realize I perhaps talk about my thoughts on missionary work a lot as opposed to mentioning specific experiences. I have become so accustomed to missionary work that it is hard to remember what life was like back home. So, if there is anything specific that you want to hear, let me know!

I had an idea the other day to film myself doing various missionary activities, so that David and Jacob can understand a little more what missionary work is like. I filmed a segment of our last weekly planning and one of our daily planning sessions. I realized, however, that I cannot practically film anything outside of the house... but, I still think it would be good to see what mornings and evenings and records are like. Unfortunately, the new camera that I bought only reads micro sd cards, and seeing as I do not have a micro sd card reader at the moment, you will have to wait until next week for videos or pictures. Sorry! My new camera is much more impressive than I initially observed, however! I am SO glad I picked the cheaper camera. I will put back into my bank account the 200$ that I have left as a result sometime this week. 

Looking at one of our days this past week, I have come to realize how much I have progressed thus far on my mission in terms of using time wisely. During the first half of my mission, my days looked something like this: 8-11- study, 11-12 lunch 12-5 street contact, unless we have an appointment with an investigator 5-6 dinner 6-9 street contact, unless we have an appointment, or on days we are tired, return to the apartment at 8 to make calls to potential investigators and former investigators. 

I will recite the events of this past week, which, you will notice, are slightly different: 8-11 study 11-12 lunch 12-1 run to deliver lunch boxes to several senior citizens, so that we can complete our service project, which normally takes two hours to complete in one hour, then we quickly ran home to shower and change. After that we had to run to a school event that a recent convert in our ward invited us to, as his parents would not be able to attend. He invited us instead to see his art project and dissect a cow eye (my companion actually got sick and fainted with his head on the table during this particular activity!!).

While there, our recent convert introduced us to his friends and teachers (Our recent convert is a genius when it comes to missionary work!) We attended the aforementioned event from 1:15-2, then from 2:30-3 grab a taxi to drive to another area, where we met with one of our missionaries who wanted to do an evaluation for the Preach My Gospel Teacher Improvement program in our mission; from 3-4 we do the evaluation and walk to the bus stop, where we happened to meet some missionaries in the zone who were having a bit of a rough time. Talk to them for a brief minute to encourage them, thankful for the opportunity to be there at that moment of distress!

Then ride the bus back to our area 5:30-6, proselyte on the way to a meeting with a potential investigator for dinner. 6-7 eat dinner with Eddy, who comes to English class and wanted to talk to us about some difficulties he is having at work and in life generally. Though he does not believe in God, he asked us to pray for him and agreed to meet once a week to help us practice teaching the lessons in Korean. After supper we proselyte on the way to a member family with 6 children. From 7:30 on, we visit this lovely member family.

The mother seemed exhausted, with kids running all over the house. They struggle to come out to church sometimes because of the difficulty to get all of their children prepared and out the door. We taught them the importance of family prayer and scripture study, and then offered the kids ice cream if they would be ready for church half an hour early when we come to pick them up on Sunday morning. They agreed and the whole family made it to church on time this week! Hurrah! 8:50-9 run home, do some planning write in my journal, calls, calls, calls, jump into bed right as the clock sounds for bedtime. A jam-packed day, but it's a good life!!

Anyway, I am running out of time, love you all so much!

Elder Higham

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