The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pleasant Little Miracle


Thank you for sending such a great email, mother! It brings me such great joy to hear of my family doing the very thing I am striving so desperately to help members do here: share the gospel. I will pray for you and your missionary efforts! I cannot begin to imagine the miracles we would see if every member of the church reached out to some friends the way you are currently reaching out. 

I looked at the book "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" the other day, as it was in our house and quite appreciated what brother Christensen mentioned about being qualified to find the people whom God has prepared. He mentioned wards and individual members simply taking seriously the command to share the gospel and veritable miracles that would ensue. He suggested that we must qualify ourselves as individuals and wards through our faith and our actions to have God trust us with the people whom He has prepared to hear the gospel. Conversely, he asserts that we disqualify ourselves to ever succeed in missionary work if we become complacent and do not demonstrate a consecrated effort to magnify our callings and share the gospel. I admit, I am not quite sure how this relates to your missionary work and, in retrospect, I am not sure why I included this, but I hope it becomes useful in some form.

It was nice to talk to you all this week. Seeing all of you ready to celebrate Christmas finally made it feel like Christmas! We had our ward Christmas party later that evening, which included our ward members presenting all three missionary companionships with a massive box of food, for which they had all secretly fund raised!! We were all surprised and very much grateful for their sacrifice, which was a testament to their goodness. We have a wonderful ward! 

We have been making more of an effort to work with the ward members lately, which resulted in a pleasant little miracle yesterday. We had planned to visit three members Saturday evening to share a message: our bishop's family, his second councilor with his wife, and another single lady in our ward.

We did not make any formal arrangements to visit them, as we find member visits are most successful when we make the effort to first go to their area and then call them immediately prior to visiting (that way they are less likely to make excuses to avoid a visit from us!). 

At church, however, the second councilor asked us if we would go with him and his wife to deliver some boxes to the very single lady we had originally planned to visit! We had lunch with all three of them, after which we were able to share a message with them. 

Also, immediately after church, the bishop's wife approached us and invited us to dinner at their house that evening. We were then able to discuss and help them with some of their goals for missionary work - just as we had planned to do! It's so wonderful to see the Lord's hand directly assisting His work in this manner, and to be a part of that small miracle.

I said everything else I wanted to say on Wednesday! So great to talk to you all!

Love, Elder Higham :)

What a blessing to be able to go through the temple every transfer!

My current comp: Elder Lee

Elder Hale and I.

If there's one thing Koreans have mastered, it's public transportation! Their subway stations are veritable museum works of art ... and all of their public transit is light years ahead of ours in terms of efficiency, technology, and infrastructure. It's really a pleasure to experience.

Just another day on the streets.

Our ward Christmas party.

The food package the ward fund-raised to provide for us! So blessed!! :)

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