The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Hello, hello!

You were right, we did get transfer calls this week! When President called, he said he was surprised that Elder Lee and I will stay together in 답동 (Incheon) another transfer. Apparently, he originally arranged things differently on the transfer board (I assume that I was going to move, as I have been here longer), but he said that he could not find peace until he moved us back together. So, Elder Lee and I are staying together in 답동! 

I'm very curious as to where I was going to go, but I suppose we might find out next transfer! My MTC companion, Elder Thorup, became a zone leader this transfer, so I look forward to seeing him a lot more!

I can't wait for David to come to Korea on his mission! You will love it here David! The people are great, the food is fantastic, and the language is a blast! Korea is the best! :)

Elder Lee and I spent some time (actually, quite a bit of time) planning for the 설날 (new year) conference that we're holding in our zones this week. We were given 250,000 won ($250 dollars) by the office and I was somehow chosen to be put in charge of that money, so if it gets lost, I have to cough up 250,000 won! ... but, we are spending it today, so no worries! :) 

Our plans for the conference are as follows: we will have a training from 10-11, then together as a zone, we'll make the traditional Korean 떡만두국 soup (look it up on the internet, I don't know how to explain), after which we planned a scavenger hunt activity in China town and 자유 궁원 (maybe you can look it up, it is a fairly popular tourist spot in Incheon). Then, we will come back to the church and watch "Meet the Mormons" to finish off the day. Hopefully all goes well!

We were able to make contact with our Vietnamese friend, 진수홍, again this week and set another baptismal date for March 14. Though we weren't able to meet with him for a while, he still read the Book of Mormon, so we answered some questions to which he had not been able to find answers during that time. He is getting along well with the ward and is progressing very well. I am so grateful to be here another transfer to help him progress towards baptism. I know that it's God's will that I stay here for a short while longer, especially considering President's experience at transfers this week.

I can't think of anything else to include! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Higham

Monday, 2 February 2015

A Good Week!

Hello again,

It is wonderful to hear about the family you are sharing the gospel with! I hope you will keep me updated on how things go with them, since they sound so great. I would love to hear all about them!

I am also sorry about not taking very many pictures. We are not supposed to take pictures while we proselyte and we rarely do anything other than clean and shop on preparation day (our house is very old, so we have to clean out all the dust that collects throughout the week, to make it safe to live in!). 

I never think about taking pictures! I will, however, take some more pictures with members this week, as I would like to have something to remember them by. We also need to update some of our member records, so that works out perfectly!

We went on exchanges twice this week, back to back, both of which I went to another house for the night. So, I left our house to exchange with one of our district leaders, and then the assistants planned for me to go with Elder Nemelka (my previous companion) in the mission home, the next night. So, I had Elder Lee bring me a few extra clothes, then made the lengthy two hour subway ride to the mission home! I also had to sleep on a real bed, which hurt my back a little bit. Thankfully it was only one night! It was quite enjoyable to spend the day with Elder Nemelka and I learned a lot from him!

We also arranged to do family home evening with a family in our ward next week, for which both Elder Lee and I are very excited! The family comprises six children, which is quite uncommon in Korea. I think you will also find their childrens' names entertaining: (The 김, Kim, family) 우림(Urim) 우주 (Universe) 우현 (I don't know that his name has any special meaning, but it sounds cool) 두밈 (Thummim) 야곱 (Jacob, not too common in Korea...) and 노아 (Noah). 

They are a blast! The mother perhaps struggles sometimes with raising six children, but she does such a wonderful job. I have come to appreciate the influence of mothers more profoundly here in Korea. As I have witnessed the effects of selfless and loving motherhood and the lack of, I have also come to appreciate my own family and the selfless sacrifices that I overlooked so often when I was being raised.

I hate to include this information, but I have my tentative release date! My group is scheduled to go home on Sept. 18. That date is not certain yet, but that is quite likely when I will go home, unless President Morrise allows any of us to extend (not too many missionaries have been able to extend recently). So, I will probably be back on the 17th or 18th, but I'm not thinking about that for now. :)

Our Vietnamese friend, 진수홍 will likely have to wait another couple of weeks before he can be baptized. He has been quite busy lately, so we have not been able to teach him according to the schedule we originally made. Currently, we are shooting for Feb 28. Hopefully it works out!

If you want me to do anything else, let me know! Love you all!

Elder Higham

Here's that "virtual golf" game I described in my last post. It was fun!