The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Monday, 9 March 2015

Mission Miracles

Hello Everyone,

I talked with President Morrise the other day about my release date. I wanted to know all of my options, so that we can plan effectively for the approaching future. An extension is likely out of the question, but I might be able to come home a transfer early, depending on the needs of the missionaries leaving that transfer. He did mention, however, that he is instructed in the mission president handbook to do all he can to send missionaries home together alongside the group with which they came.
My scheduled release date, then is September 18, but it is possible that I could be released a transfer early, if I want to attend school in the fall semester. That date would be about August 7. I am informing you, because I would like to know your opinions. I recognize that there are many factors to consider in selecting a release date, especially given the difference in available universities. There might be more that I need to do, or learn in Korea, or a certain place that I should attend university. I would very much appreciate if you prayerfully considered these options and let me know what you think, so that I can make a decision. Again, it also might not work out to get released the earlier transfer, but it is a possibility. 

I did hear about the US ambassador being attacked in Seoul. I was quite shocked to hear the news, actually! I was under the ignorant assumption that Korea is the safest place in the world, cause I can leave anything anywhere and somehow it comes back to me in the mail, or I find it in the same spot several weeks later.
Children walk the streets by themselves at night! People on the street take their hands out of their pockets when you speak to them, regardless of their level of interest in what you have to say. When I heard that surprising news, however, I suddenly remembered that I am just a few kilometers away from North Korea! I still feel confident to say, however, that I am in a safer place than 100% of Canada and America. 

We had several meetings this week, which actually drained me quite thoroughly. On Tuesday, we spent 5 hours travelling to attend the Mission Leadership Council the vast majority of the day. Wednesday, after a meeting with our district, we prepared for the Zone Conference that we organized on Thursday, which lasted an extra 3 hours, due to the Zone Leadership Counsel we help with the Sister Training Leader and District Leaders in the zone, and with a few language evaluations we did with some of the newer missionaries after the training.
Then, on Friday, we traveled to 영등포 to attend a mission District Leader training meeting, which lasted four hours, after which we held a three hour weekly planning session (I had to run around the apartment a few times to stay awake during that weekly planning session). 

As I reflected on my week, however, I came to a more profound appreciation for the manner in which the Lord sustains His missionaries. Most days, I have noticed, especially our preparation days (the one day a week we have off to buy groceries, do our laundry, clean our apartment, etc) are filled to the brim with things to do, which does not allow us to rest for more than a few minutes throughout the span of the day.
I am constantly tired, yet not nearly as tired as I probably should be given how hard we work. I marvel at how thoroughly God sustains us, yet how subtle it seems, and how very infrequently we recognize and appreciate this sustaining influence.
Missions are full of miracles that are visible to those that refrain from persistently looking down with worry at the waves of adversity and instead, with anchors set firmly through troubled waters, admire the sun on the peaceful horizon. :)

Love, Elder Higham

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