The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Valuable Lesson


Thank you for your email. I wish I could have gone on that Idaho Falls trip with you! That sure was a fun experience. I don't know that I have any suggestions for mission items! I would probably have to ask a new missionary. Looking back, it seems that I wished for a lot more things when I first got started. Now, I make do with whatever I have :P 

FOUR WEEKS! That is crazy! I can't believe David is leaving so soon! That makes me feel like a very old missionary ... 

We have an investigator who accepted a baptismal date, for next month. It was quite the experience. We met him by a nice, quiet stream in a beautiful park, but after finding out that we had not eaten dinner and that we had no plans to eat dinner that day, he insisted that we eat dinner with him. So, we went to a very noisy 쭈꾸미 (Fried octupus rice?) restaurant, to eat an incredibly spicy meal in a very rowdy atmosphere. I haven't eaten anything that spicy in a very long time!

Nevertheless, we exerted our best efforts to teach him the message of the restoration, which he accepted quite naturally (actually he was very excited to learn about Joseph Smith, because his name is 조동국 (Jo Dong Gook), which is "the same Jo as Joseph Smith!") He is a very interesting character, and was quite excited about his baptismal date next month! So excited for him.

I'm still in Seoul in the office district with my Korean companion. WOW!!! What a difference it makes to be with a Korean companion ... my language is improving so much faster just being with him. He's a great missionary and I'm very happy to serve with him and in the area I'm currently in: Songpa district of Seoul. Things are going GREAT!!

I was reading, last week, about the Savior walking on the water to His disciples. I have been thinking about our responsibility, as missionaries and members to lovingly correct those who may otherwise fall short of what the Lord expects of them. When I first read the Savior's words to Peter, I was a little surprised, because they seemed quite harsh. "You have no faith, Peter! What are you doing?" That is essentially what I read. Observing the Savior's interactions with His disciples, prior to that firm correction, however, I learned a very valuable lesson. 

At least three times, the Savior demonstrates His intention to help and comfort His disciples, as well to show His love for and trust in them. His very first words were words of comfort: "Be of good cheer!" He then demonstrates His trust in Peter, by beckoning him out to the water where He was. Then, perhaps most importantly, He rescues Peter before He corrects him firmly. I think this is very important. The Savior doesn't stand for a few more seconds to tell Peter that he needs to improve, before He rescues him. Instead, He first shows Peter that His intention is to help, before He corrects him. 

I have found a lot more success first showing love, trust and a desire to help towards those I correct, before "reproving sharply." Important in all aspects of life I think.

It is getting warmer!!! Here comes another Korean summer!! 

Love you lots,
Elder Higham