The Path of Christian Discipleship

The Path of Christian Discipleship

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Korean Superstar!!

Hello everyone!
It was good to hear from all of you this week! Thanks for your emails and letters ... it sure is nice to get real letters. Mom, seeing the picture of Elder Nemelka and Elder Higham 2.0 put a giant smile on my face! I love those two people .. thanks for sending those to me!
We had zone conference last week, which was thoroughly entertaining, to say the least! We focused on working effectively with ward members and had several trainings, which included a talk by a well known figure in Korea named PJ Rogers. He served in the Korea Seoul West mission, after which he came back to Korea and became the first Caucasian to get an MBA in Korea. He then proceeded to get a PhD, all in Korean, and lived in Korea for 19 years with his family.
Brother Rogers trained us on Korean the language and culture. He was hilarious! I haven't laughed that much in a long time! I had a pretty neat experience during that training. Brother Rogers gave me his phone, to keep while he was speaking, as he was expecting a call and delivery, so I was holding his phone during the training. Brother Rogers has a very big network in Korea, and he actually was part of the conversion of one of Korea's biggest basketball stars, 우지원 (Oo Gee Won). So, he started to talk about his experience with 우지원 and not two seconds later literally, the phone that I am holding gets a call - from 우지원!!!!
Probably none of you understand the significance of this situation. It was pretty much the equivalent of having Lebron James or Kobe Bryant call the phone that you are holding! I didn't have time to answer, because not a few seconds later, 우지원 walked into the room!!! Turns out he was in the building all along and came into our training for a special appearance!! 
Wow! We all got to see one of Korea's biggest star athlete and basketball legend, and then Elder Moon and I got to tell our basketball fanatic-fan investigator, 진호 (Gene Ho) about it! He literally freaked out he was so excited about the fact that we got to see 우지원 ! Our investigator is doing really well and has made such progress. I have been so impressed with the sacrifices and the progress he has made. He is such a great kid. And he's definitely committed to get baptized this Sunday, right after he gets back from our stake's youth camp!!! smile emoticon

I am so grateful to be here in Korea to experience all these wonderful things. I love you all so much! Thanks for all your caring and support!

Love, Elder Higham
p.s. sorry about the terrible English, I typed really quickly! Oh, and check out my companion (Elder Moon) and I in genuine Korean military uniform!! It's the genuine deal, no?! 

Do I look like the real deal or what??!! 

My current AWESOME Korean companion Elder Moon.

 Elder Moon, and I ... pondering!

It's amazing how close friendships are developed on a mission. It's crazy.

Korean food is DA BOMB!!

Man, can't get enough of genuine Korean food! I'm going to miss it like crazy!

This was a great apartment!

Treasured Friendships

Hello again! 

Of course I have seen the district! I have seen it many times! :) It is quite wonderful and teaches very important, basic principles of missionary work. Perhaps the biggest mistake I have made on my mission is to ignore those principles, to move away from them, or to consider them irrelevant for where I am working. I suppose this is quite an easy trap for any missionary or member to fall into, to consider these basic principles are inadequate or irrelevant. I have found that applying these principles in my work as exactly as I can, even and especially when I don't understand how so doing would benefit me, has indeed benefited me far more profoundly than I could have achieved myself. 

I have been thinking about school (a little bit). I propose to do as you suggested, mom! Tours of Universities (even BYU ㅋㅋ) sound great. I suppose I am quite behind on all of this, but better late than never!

Let's see. Our investigator, 진호 (Gene Ho) just finished tests, so he can meet again. He was late to church last week, so one of the young women took it upon herself to make sure he made it to sacrament meeting and texted him several times, urging him to come as quickly as he could. I was quite pleased to see him receive that support from some of our members. 

I also went on exchanges, with my MTC companion, Elder Thorup, this past week. He has, since the MTC, become one of my closest friends. He has had such a tremendous impact on my life and continues to influence me in tremendous ways. This exchange with him was one of the most inspiring, soul-renewing and uplifting experiences of my mission. He demonstrated principles of Christ-like leadership, that I had been studying, which helped me apply those through a determined example. He has a positivity and passion for missionary work that is perfectly contagious! It was wonderful to be able to serve with him for that day.  

It is hard to believe that David leaves for his mission, the day after next! I know you will do a great job! Love you lots!

Elder Higham

Elder Thorup and I (along with our MTC teacher) nearly two years ago at the Missionary Training Centre in Provo, Utah. Can't believe it's been nearly that long ago .. time has just flown by!!

Elders Thorup, Lee and I in front of the Korea Seoul temple.